Rock The Bells: Here comes hip-hop’s hottest happening!!!!!


For the first time in years, a full lineup of rap will ring through the Gorge. Rock the Bells is coming to Washington.

The Rock the Bells festival is well-known to hip-hop

fans from California, where it originated as club shows;

now’s it’s evolved into one of the highest-grossing live

events in North America. This year, Rock the Bells is

ranking with huge money, live-music events like Coachella,

Lollapalooza and the Radiohead tour, according to concert industry magazine Pollstar.In 2007 it became a national touring festival, and this year, Rock the Bells has gone global, with dates in Europe and Japan. And this is the first time the hip-hop fest has spread to the Northwest. Around 10,000 fans are expected at the Saturday Gorge concert.

“It’s quite a feat,” said Chang Weisberg, founder of the festival. “You get a whole year of hip-hop in one day.”


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