Singapore Grand Prix-Alonso tops

Alonso ended a season’s frustration when a safety car period tallied perfectly with his team’s strategy.

The Singapore Grandprix in which the poleposition took place yesterday and in that Felipe Massa was able to finish first in the pole position.But today failed to do so in the finals.The Singapore Grand Prix with lights and the track was glowing like anything.The race was for 61 laps and at initial stage it was Massa of Ferrari leading the race since he was the first in pole position yesterday.The F1 started and the first to go out was N.Piquert from brazil driving for Renault was unable to negotiate the curve and dashed into the advertising board and unfortunately out of the race.After safety cars ,yellow flags  it was Fernando Alonso(Renault) made his lead with one pitstop.NRosberg of Williams was in second position.

Alonso utilised the safety car period and made his mark over there as first.The pitstop officials did a fabulous job.They made pitstop in 6 seconds.Even after two pitstops it was Alonso still leading the race comfortably.The next ramming was done  by Sutil of Force India due to some chaos happened in the track.Felipe Massa was out of the track and when making a try for a huge turn at the curve , Sutil came straight away and hit the board. Sutil was out of the race.Then it was a big disastrous for Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrai  who was a defending champion and desperate to win here made a huge mistake when it was 5 laps to finish off the race and he too was out of the race,with frustrated face.

Alonso was leading the race comfortably with 6 seconds ahead of N Rosberg(Williams).Atlast it was Alonso(Renault) stormed into first in the singapore grand Prix.It was williams(Rosberg) finished second and much expected Lewis Hamilton finished third…


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