Sakarakati Movie Free Download-Review!!!!!


The movie “Sakarakatti” created immense welcome as all the songs of the movie were excellently scored by A.R.Rahman. The movie name itself so sweet but the story of the movie is not so sweet comparing the title. While looking the script of the movie it simply manages to give an outdated script with a triangle love story revolving around the college sets. The debutant hero Shanthanu Bhagyaraj and A.R.Rahman is exceptional and their stuff too wasted in the movie.

The actor Shanthanu looks charming in the movie with careless parent’s together living in a colony with childhood friends begun to enter the college. Shanthanu falls in love with one of the glamorous girl in the class Ishita Sharma. Now enters Vedika his Cousin who is in crush with Shantanu from the childhood. The story is made with lots of misunderstanding which is resolved later simply the movie is made like a tied knot if one knot is release it will be built with another.

As a debutant Director Kalaprabhu gives more importance in songs rather than building good characters in movies. At the time of climax the audiences started booing in their seats. Ishita Sharma is not impressive and the character was also not written well in the script. Actress Vedhika appearance in the screen gives full presence and one of the French beard comedian shows some good signs for the movie. Debutant hero Shanthanu is impressive with his body language, charm looking he can build up well and survive in the field. Taxi… and Chellama song was choreographed well.

More than this the graphical part of the movie costs high as the songs like A.R.Rahman need some extra thing which other big directors suitably used in their movies. The movie is built to attract more college students but the idea went vein. As a debutant director Kalaprabhu fails to give a tasteful movie

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