Latest and Top ten mobile games!!!!!

Samurai Puzzle Battle (Hands-on)
Puzzle Quest was a huge sleeper hit on every platform it touched last year, enticing unwary gamers with its crack-like combination of gem-swapping puzzler and RPG adventure. Samurai Puzzle Battle pretty much lifts the entire formula, transferring the action to feudal Japan, and adding a unit management element, so you’re not just controlling a lone adventurer anymore, you’re commanding soldiers across a war-ravaged landscape. The central gameplay is the same though – complete a series of turn-based puzzle battles by swapping icons around the board, creating lines of similar blocks and inflicting damage on your opponent. It’s stylish, well-implemented stuff, adding neat little touches to the Puzzle Quest recipe, without over-powering the winning ingredients. YamakeDon’t like mobile games? Make our own!

Yamake (Nokia)
Perhaps inspired by all the hype surrounding LittleBigPLanet, Yamake (which apparently means ‘you make the game’) is a mini-game creation package that lets you throw together simple word or picture puzzles using images and sound clips from your phone or PC. You can then share your creations with friends via Bluetooth or MMS, or upload them to N-Gage Arena, where a dedicated community can rate and review each title. Nokia’s Head of Games Publishing Dr Mark Ollila called it, ‘the future of mobile gaming’. There could be as much truth in that as hyperbole.

GameSalad Toss your own project out on Mac, web or iPhone with this drag-and-drop application.

GameSalad (Gendai Games)
Meanwhile in Texas… New studio, Gendai, is now alpha testing a Mac-based game creation tool with a simple drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to craft their own projects for Mac, web or iPhone, then post them online (perhaps your own blog or a social networking site) for everyone else to try out. The package even gives access to the iPhone’s multi-touch screen and accelerometer. Okay, so this one might not be out by Autumn, but it sort of fitted nicely beneath Yamake.

Party Pool It’s a pool game, it’s a social networking site, it’s got its cute little isometric finger on the pulse.

Party Pool 2-in-1 (Digital Chocolate)
This extremely talented publisher/developer brought accessible mobile social gaming to the masses last year with its Dchoc Café series. These simple puzzlers were linked by a customizable Habbo-style hub, where players could text chat with friends and share viral demos of new Café titles. Party Island is essentially Dchoc Café 2 – another social gaming system, this time built around a tropical island resort, drawn in crisp, bright isometrics. The social element is more robust this time, with more intuitive text communications and built-in Facebook support. Party Pool 2-in-1 is one of the first titles in the series – a fun pool sim, featuring novelty tables and obstacles like pint spillages and torn baize. Fresh takes on popular standards, social networking integration, customisation – this is sort of where all mobile games should probably be going.

Wi-Fi Army (Wi2P Entertainment)
You’ll see it mentioned in my column for the Technology section on Thursday, but for now Wi-Fi Army is a location-based game allowing you to identify other players in your area, then track them using GPS and Google Maps – when you meet, your phones become guns… Okay, so assisination titles like this have been doing the rounds on mobile for years, but Wi-Fi Army could be the first truly, globally mainstream version as it’s designed for the (hopefully) rock solid Android platform.



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