World of Warcraft – Wrath of the Lich King cheats!!!!!!!!!



Chapter 1 :The Curse of Ner’zhulChaptersChapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 The elder shaman Ner’zhul was once among the greatest spiritual leaders of the orcs. Deceived by the demon Kil’jaeden, he set in motion the events that led to the orcs’ corruption and the creation of the bloodthirsty Horde. Yet ultimately Ner’zhul refused to give his people fully to the demonic ranks of the Burning Legion.

The demon lord Kil’jaeden punished Ner’zhul for his defiance, destroying his aging body and torturing his spirit. The demon then offered Ner’zhul a final ultimatum: serve the Legion unconditionally or suffer eternal agony. With little other choice, Ner’zhul pledged to obey Kil’jaeden and was reborn as a terrifying and vastly powerful agent of the Legion – the Lich King….


CPU: Pentium III or Athlon equivalent
CPU Speed: 800 MHz
RAM: 512 MB
Operating System: Windows ME/2000/XP
Video Card: 32 MB 3D graphics card with Hardware Transform & Lighting (NVIDIA GeForce2+)
DirectX Version: 9.0c (included)

Free Disk Space: 6 GB

Unlock Death Knight:

In order to unlock the Death Knight hero class, simply level a hero to level 55. After doing so you will be able to make a Death Knight character on any realm you want. Although, you are limited to one per realm.


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