Jet Airways reinstates all 1900 sacked employees!!

Under attack for terminating 1,900 employees, Jet Airways announced the reinstatement of the workers, with Chairman Naresh Goyal saying they are my family and can join work from tomorrow.
“I cannot see tears in their eyes… It is not under political pressure and and I have not met any body. It is my personal decision as father of the family,” Goyal said late on Thursday night. Goyal , however, did not comment on the salary cut for employees.

Jet Airlines

Jet Airlines



Reversing its decision to sack 1900 employees to ‘save the company’, Jet Airways owner Naresh Goyal on Thursday night announced that the company was ready to take back all the employees. “I request all the employees to join from tomorrow. I am sure we will work a way out to put finances on track,” he told media persons in Mumbai

The company had on Tuesday night given pink slips to 800 of its employees including cabin crew, pilots, ground staff, airport services and management departments. Its Executive Director Saroj Dutta had announced on Wednesday that 1100 more employees will be sacked ‘to save the company.’ 

“I have taken this decision so that I can sleep with a peaceful conscience. I am in under no pressure- I have weathered a lot more storms in my life,” Goyal said. He said that he was sorry for all the agony that the employees had to go through. 

”I can understand what you (fired employees) have gone through. Even I was struggling in my early days. I have a 19-yr old daughter and I would never want to see her in this position,” he said. 

He also said that there will be cost cutting but not at the cost of those who were working for the company. “This airline is where it is because of the employees. They will get it back to being the most commercially viable again, I am sure. I have put aside facts, figures and money consideration in taking this decision. Not even my management or immediate family know of it.” Goyal added that the decision had nothing to do with the Kingfisher alliance. 

He said that the company management had taken the decision to separate employees after considering the company’s fortunes. “But I, being the father of the Jet family, have decided to over-rule their decision. I was not aware of the nitty-gritty of the move. But as of now I can just say that every body can join back.”


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  1. Posted by Roshan on October 17, 2008 at 8:11 am

    This is a bad for business and employment both. It is a LOSE-LOSE situation.

    Companies will be loath to hire anyone, thereby lakhs of jobs will no longer be created.
    Companies would shy away from setting up in India.

    If Employees can resign and go anytime, why can’t employer ask a employee to leave?

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