Apple’s biggest tech taboos

When it comes to technology, Apple is considered one of the pioneers in each product category it is in. No other tech company has a cult following for its products the way Apple enjoys. Macintosh computers have always had a cult-like fan base which has got a new boost with the popularity of Apple’s iPod MP3 players and iPhone mobile devices. 

However, there seem to be a few technologies which despite their raging popularity worldwide are either yet to get Apple’s attention, or capture Apple CEO Steve Job’s imagination. According to him, while some are in nascent stage, others have complex licensing issues. 

However, Jobs is known for rejecting ideas right till the moment Apple announces the same idea as an iconic product. In 2003, at All Things Digital tech conference, Jobs reportedly told reporters that Apple was focusing on iPods, rather than PDAs or cellphones, because “we didn’t think we’d do well in the cellphone business.” 

And during the same interview, Jobs dismissed the idea of movies on an iPod, saying “I’m not convinced people want to watch movies on a tiny little screen.” Three years later, we had the iTunes Video Store and everyone knows about the frenzied success of iPhone in past one year. 

Thus, while one can never say never going by Jobs’ record, there are four things that Apple will not get into (at least for the time being). Incidentally, Jobs made these remarks after Apple refreshed its notebook computers range last week, introducing a ‘Pro’ version which includes two separate graphics cards and a new version of its consumer-focused MacBook line which uses an aluminium casing.


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