Chandrayaan-I:India’s first moon mission liftoff !!!

 The launch of India’s historic maiden mission to the moon, Chandrayaan-I — at 6.20am on Wednesday — the spaceport’s hi-tech mission control room at Sriharikota was working at full tilt, with scientists continuously monitoring data on their computers and praying that the rain keeps off. 

An ISRO spokesperson said the countdown was proceeding smoothly and all indications point to a flawless takeoff. Solid propellants in the six strap-on motors, as also in the first and third stages of the four-stage Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, have been filled. The second and fourth stages of the 44.4-m tall rocketconsist of liquid propellants which were filled in the last 24 hours. 

Fears over rain, which has been frequent over the past few days, diminished on Tuesday. “There were intermittent rains all through the day at Sriharikota, but this was to be expected. As we have said earlier, even if it rains, we will launch, but there should not be any cyclonic depression,” the spokesperson said. 

In UK, Chris Howe, chief engineer of the Chandrayaan X-ray Spectrometer (CIXS), said: “Launches are always an incredibly nail-biting time in a mission… We’re eager to see CIXS safely on its way so that it can get to work uncovering more of the moon’s secrets.”


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