Daniel Craig finds his inspiration!!

Actor Daniel Craig says re-reading Ian Fleming’s James Bond books made him broody and miserable and that was a good thing because it helped him to portray the darker side of the secret agent in the forthcoming movie Quantum Of Solace.

The book says that the Bond was a workaholic depressive man and that’s what Craig wanted to show in the latest movie. 

“I wanted to play around with the flaws in his character. It was much more interesting than having him perfect and polished. I got most of my inspiration from Ian Fleming’s books. I reread them. In the books, Bond is suave and sophisticated, yes… but there’s also a flawed aspect of Bond. In the novels he is quite a depressive character. When he’s not working, he’s at his worst… I can relate,” said Craig.

Daniel Craig says that playing James Bond has had a great effect on his health because he had to get in shape to avoid injury on the sets.

Craig had bulked up his muscles for his role in an earlier Bond movie Casino Royale, but realised that looking good was not good enough and that he had to feel great too, according to reports. 

He said: “I got big because I wanted Bond to look like a guy who could kill. Unfortunately, getting big isn’t the same as getting in shape. Last time, I picked up a lot of injuries. This time (for Quantum of Solace) I said, ‘I can’t let this happen again. I’ve got to get into better shape’.”

The new Bond movie “Quantum Of Solace” is set to release by October end.


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