Raj Thackeray spends the night in jail!!

In a pre-dawn arrest, Raj Thackeray was picked up by police and faced a litany of charges including inciting violence and will spend the night in a lock-up despite getting bail in one case sparking sporadic violence in Mumbai and parts of Maharashtra. 

Raj, who had dared the Deshmukh government to arrest him, was produced before the metropolitan court in Bandra which granted him bail in one of the cases in the suburb but police quickly took him back in custody for a similar case in neighbouring Dombivali, in Thane district and whisked him away. 

Since he could not reach in time, Raj will be produced before a court in Kalyan on Wednesday and will have to spend the night in Manpada police station in Dombivali, his lawyers said. 

Raj has four cases registered against him including those at Kherwadi and Kanjurmarg in Mumbai and ones at Thane and Dombivali, SPP in the Kherwadi case Majid Memon said. 

In Kherwadi case, Thackeray has been charged with provoking riot, assaulting public servants, endangering public safety of others, causing mischief and damage to property. 

Raj Thackeray, while being granted bail by a magistrate’s court in connection with a case registered at suburban Kherwadi, has been instructed not to make any inflammatory speeches. 

Additional Metropolitan Magistrate G Wankhede while granting bail to Thackeray instructed him to abstain from making any provocative speeches, Special Public Prosecutor Majeed Memon said. 

The MNS leader was also instructed to appear before the police and register his attendance and not to influence any witnesses in the case, he said. 

According to Memon, Raj Thackeray will spend the night in jail.  

Memon said, “No one is above law. You might be the star political leader, but you are answerable to court.” 

The lawyer said he emphasised to the court “the gravity of Raj Thackeray’s crime.” 

Earlier, Mumbai police issued a gag order under section 144 against Raj Thackeray banning him from addressing a press or public gathering, or carrying out any procession for the next two months.

Police on Tuesday resorted to lathicharge to disperse the MNS workers who were protesting outside Bandra Metropolitan Magistrate court where the party chief Raj Thackeray was produced following his arrest. 

Maharashtra Director General of Police A N Roy said that police will deal “effectively” with those resorting to violence in the wake of Raj Thackeray’s arrest. 

“We were anticipating violent reaction after Raj’s arrest. We carried out large number of preventive arrests. We have arrested around 1,900 persons so far,” Roy told a news channel. 

“We will deal with them effectively. People can go about their jobs,” he said. 

Roy also made it clear that Raj’s arrest was in connection with attack on Railway board examination centres, and had nothing to do with warrant issued by Jamshedpur court against him for alleged anti-Bihari statements.


One response to this post.

  1. this claiming-to-be-well-read-intelligent-visionary but a cheap wanna be ‘politician’ Raj Thackeray continues to gives fiery speeches, cites examples

    from history of all over the world but the fact is that he doesn’t have a clue. He tells the frustrated Maharshtrians what he thinks is the cause of all

    of the problems of Maharashtra. Of course he tells them so because when growing up, ‘politician’ uncle Bala told him so. Of course Bala uncle didn’t have

    a clue either, somebody in a lungi molested him in his own childhood and he tried taking revenge on all lungi’s when he grew up.

    The stupid cunt has made it sound like Mumbai is fucking Singapore or Dubai and Bihar cum UP are as bad as Africa to the globe, the differences aren’t

    that bad!! it can’t even be faked!! Its common knowledge that the British developed Bombay city as a port and well, we can thank them and all of the

    communities in Mumbai since independence who made it the great city it is now. (of course that includes the Marathi community also which has always been

    here in big numbers) while farmers continue to commit suicide, youth instigated by such netas as Raj himself carry on the violence, the truth is that

    rural and semi urban Maharashtra has some of the highest number of Rapes and Murders in the country while development just isn’t reaching these inner

    parts of the state, it’s limited to major urban centers like Puna, Nashik, Mumbai only…

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