Catch Britney Spears bare, online!!

Barack Obama has it, Paris Hilton has it… and now the latest to join the Internet bandwagon is the pop diva Britney Spears. Incidentally, this is not Britney’s first brush with Internet. The Womanizer star already has a YouTube video channel, a social networking site and an email newsletter running. She recently also made her entry on Twitter. 

And now with all the do-over has come the doing-over of her site. In the same week that she made a historic jump on the billboard singles chart, Britney revamped her official website promising to take fans where no paparazzi lens ever could! 

Reads the welcome note: “I wanted to create a place where I could connect with ya’ll and share what’s really going on in my life. I’ll be sharing videos, stories, music, photos, and lots of other cool stuff,” she says.

Britney’s fans can rejoice as her revamped website has a new blog section where they can interact with the pop princess. Besides blogs the site has video logs (vlogs) with Britney or her team posting the latest from the diva. 

The blog tracks where the star is shooting, what’s going on in her life, where is she heading and what’s all is upcoming. 

The site also includes links to Britney’s presence on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, CircusVIP and Twitter. The blog offers constant updates on Britney’s life and places comments from her fans on the right coloum.


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