Job Hopping? A Big Problem!!

The “on-the-go” Gen X of today is capable of adjusting to different work environments and doesn’t believe to sticking to a single job for years. Undoubtedly, job hopping seems to have become the easiest shortcut to success, with job security having taken a backseat.

While some youngsters claim to hop for better opportunities and higher positions, there are others who admit to changing jobs frequently for fatter pay packages. Also, the concept of loyalty towards the organisation is now turning archaic. The ‘career conscious’ youth of today does not fret about switching loyalties for a lucrative job offer that offers a winning combination of both fame and fortune. 

Akshat Mishra, who’s changed three jobs in the last two years says, “I did my MBA from a reputed B-school in Mumbai. I got a job offer after completing my course and I joined that company. I quit it after six months and joined another company, because it offered an attractive salary. But I eventually wasn’t enjoying my work and decided to find another job in another organisation which was much more reputed than the previous one. It also offered many perks, in addition to a fat salary.” 


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