Champions League T20 Match Schedule!!

With the success of IPL the BCCI has involved in conducting Champions league Twenty-20 in Which top two clubs of each cricketing nation will take part in this competition.From Indian Premiere League Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings are going to take part in the event.

The match schedule has been announced and the ChampionLeague 20-20 fire is going to be ignited on December 3rd,2008.The eight teams have been divided into two groups.The schedule as follows,

DATE                                   TEAMS                                          VENUE

Dec 3, 2008       MiddleSexCrusaders Vs Victoria Bushrangers                     Mumbai

Dec 4, 2008 —– Sialkot Stallions Vs Western Warriors   ———–                  Bangalore

Dec 4,2008 —–  Chennai Super Kings Vs Victoria Bushrangers—–               Mumbai

Dec 5,2008 —– MiddlesexCrusaders Vs Pretoria Titans———–                    Chennai

Dec 5,2008 —– Sialkot Stallions Vs Rajasthan Royals————                     Mumbai

Dec 6,2008 —– Western Australia Vs Natal Dolphins————                    Bangalore

Dec 6,2008 —– Victoria Bushrangers Vs Pretoria Titans———-                  Chennai

Dec 6,2008 —–Chennai Super Kings Vs Middlesex Crusaders——              Chennai

Dec 7,2008—– Natal Dolphins Vs Sialkot Stallions————–                     Bangalore

Dec 7,2008—– Rajasthan Royal Vs Western warriors————-                  Bangalore

Dec 7,2008—– Chennai Super Kings Vs Pretoria Titans———–                    Chennai

Dec 8,2008—————Semifinal 1———————–                                      Bangalore

Dec 9,2008—————Semifinal 2 ———————-                                       Chennai

Dec 10,2008————–Grand Finale———————-                            Chennai 20.00 hrs


Fron India:———–                     Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings

From Australia——–                  Western Warriors and Victoria Bush rangers

From South Africa—–                 Pretoria Titans and Natal Dolphins

From Pakistan——–                   Sialkot Stallions

From  England——–                  Middlesex Crusaders.


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