Top 10 love-games!!


Love games one of the fascinating games played by all the lover around the globe.

These are top 10 love games which the lover prefers .

1. Hide and Seek 
Before you chuck this idea out as a stale game, let us tell you that it’s a ‘nude’ hide and seek match that we are proposing! So, make sure your blinds are down before you both decide to do the ‘Full Monty’ or peeping Toms in your neighbourhood may just end up having a field day. 
Rules: When the game is intensely naughty, the rules have to be sexier to keep up the tempo. How about something like: “If he finds you, he wins 10 minutes of extreme pleasure.” And in case he fails, he’ll be your love slave for the day and vice versa. Exploit his weakness to the fullest! 

2. Bursting balloons 
Who said only kids play with balloons? Even adults do! By the end of this balloon game, resisting each other will be simply impossible. Blow up ten (or more) round party balloons. Place them between you and your lover while lying in bed together. Now, both of you start to hug, squeeze and kiss each other, while squashing the balloons in between your bodies resulting in them going pop! The bet is to break as many of them as possible. 
Rules: You can’t break the balloons alone by riding on them, but strictly by squashing them between your hot bods.

3. Basketball strip game 
Playing basket ball with your partner is a good idea to induce some physical exercise. All you need to do is set up a basketball hoop in your home and start shooting hoops. Doesn’t sound interesting enough? Why not make it titillating by adding a sensuous reward for every shot you get through? 

RulesAbandon the usual tracks or shorts and dress formally from head to toe. More the number of clothes…more is the sexual excitement as you view your partner stripping off every last piece of clothing to keep up with your sex drive! 

4. Sniff the kiss zone 
No G-spot hunting here! Rather, in this game you need five diverse fragrances sprayed on five different spots of your body. Now, let your partner employ his senses to detect those sweet smelling spots and leave his love mark there! Reward? Hmm…what’s better than a sweet smelling kiss or a long lasting hickey? 
RulesThe hunter is strictly supposed to do a ‘nose job with no skin touches’ until he/she locates the sweet smelling spot and once it’s done; the other partner simply has to surrender. 

5. Nooky numbers 
This will only make foreplay even more intense. All you both need is a deck of cards here. Shuffle and place them face-down between you and your partner. Now, take turns to pick out cards from the pile. Follow the rules below and keep playing till you can resist taking the big plunge. 
Rules: If you draw a number card, you get to kiss that many spots on your partner’s body. 

6. Blind Berry Hunting 
In this love hunt, one partner blindfolds the other. Whoever is not blindfolded hides small quantities of
 berries (raspberries, blueberries, etc) all over their body and the other has to hunt them out. The reward is that the hunter wins wishes equaling the number of berries he has located. 
Rules: The hunter is not allowed to use hands, only mouth-work here. And the other partner has to grant the hunter’s most erotic wishes.

7. Love Pictionary 
You must have played Pictionary as a child. We are just making it ‘love pictionary’ for the adults. In this game, one of you makes a sketch of the surprise you want to have at night from your partner.For instance, draw a beach, sand, sun and sea if you want to get dirty on the beach this weekend! And if your partner guesses your clue right…you don’t have to ask for another reward! He too wins a chance to etch out his wildest fantasies! A win-win situation for both! 
RulesWhosoever is drawing should not speak and the guessing mate can’t deny actually performing what’s been drawn. What if he fails to guess? He doesn’t get a chance to draw what he wants till he makes the right guess. 

8. Ultimate patience test 
As the name suggests, in this game both the partners take chances to test each other’s patience. One of them is active, while the other is a passive partner. The passive partner has to lie still, while the active partner takes charge to do just about everything pleasurable to the other. Being active, your motto is to elicit a response from the other, while the latter has to strive to control so as to enjoy maximum gratification. 
Rules: It is only when the passive partner reacts (moans or moves) that the doer wins his pleasure trip. 

9. Catch an alphabet! 
You must have played it in your schooldays. It was something like this – one person started with a city starting with ‘A’ as the other called out a city’s name starting with the alphabet on which the first city ended. Replace the cities with parts of each other’s bodies now! Let him start with a body part starting with ‘A’ and then you take it forward. The tease here is that each one has to kiss the body part being called out. If there’s no body part corresponding to an alphabet, just get creative and name it yourself to keep the passion soaring sky high. 
RulesYou can’t skip your turn. Whosoever fails to find a body part loses the golden chance to kiss. As they say one person’s loss is another’s gain – the other partner takes over his chance to get naughty with a particular part of your body. So try and win! 

10. Role playing 
All of us cherish certain wild fantasies relating to certain professions and professionals. Some love getting spanked by a head mistress, while others just love watching a doctor taking over. If even you have one such naughty fantasy…get into some serious role playing! Dress up the way your partner wants and play act a naughty role just for him/her. How about a wicked schoolgirl getting spanked by a strict teacher or a sexy librarian and student or for that matter a hot detective and his suspect? The possibilities are wild… 
Rules: While play-acting, forget your real self. You can only use the props and places suiting the role. For instance, a teacher’s spanking stick or a doctor’s stethoscope checking out never explored places in your body will create quite a ripple.


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