Goa : Venkat Prabhu Looks For a Hat-Trick!!


There has been so much speculated about the storyline of ‘Goa’, which would be a racy entertainer directed by Venkat Prabhu under the banner of Ocher Studios in association with a Hollywood production house.

Actors Premji Amaran, Vaibhav and Jai are signed up. Cinematographer Sakthi Saravanan and music director Yuvan Shankar Raja have also been roped in.

Inspired from the true incident that happened this March in Goa, in which a man was charged with the rape of British teenager, the film revolves around the rape case of a girl in which the lead stars of the film get caught innocently for the crime they did not commit and how they acquit themselves by spotting the real culprits forms the gripping storyline of ‘Goa’ which would be narrated in a style that is unique to Venkat and his crew. 

It seems that Venkat Prabhu is all geared up to repeat the success with ‘Goa’ to score a hat-trick


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