Uma Bharti slaps party functionary!!


Bharatiya Janshakti Party leader Uma Bharati, known for her short fuse, slapped herparty office-bearer in the presence of electronic media and supporters at Chhindwara on Wednesday In full public view, Uma Bharati slapped Anil Rai, her party’s district general secretary.
Party sources said Bharati was upset at Rai for interrupting a meeting she was having with party workers by making repeated phone calls. 

Bharati asked Rai to get down from his car and slapped him twice in front of other party workers.Party workers gaped as Uma slapped Anil Rai, a district party office-bearer, for allegedly trying to break the election code of conduct. Soon after TV channels started airing the footage, Uma realised her mistake and rushed to Rai’s home to apologise. 
She also appeared before the media along with Rai and said he was like her younger brother and that she had the right to hit him if he made a mistake. She kissed him before the TV cameras to express her “sisterly concern”.


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