Take a look at the screen shot of linux desktop.

 The difference btw Windows OS and Linux OS ? The answer was FILE SYSTEM, yes when we get into details of it these were the things

In both Windows and Linux, ROOT directory is lot more important. Cause ROOT is base of entire file system. In windows every drive and removable drive has it’s own root directory ( c:, d: etc ) with folders branching off it.

But in Linux only one central ROOT directory and the every device and files in the computer branching off it. Linux has something called VFS ( Virtual File System ). For example, they said that in Windows each drive is it’s own tree with files and folders being the branches. In Linux VFS, there’s only one much larger tree and everything ( drives etc..) are stored somewhere within it’s branches.

We also have mounting the drive or device, which means when we add removable media or new hardware to Linux system, a directory is created through which the data on that device can be accessed.

We use OpenOffice software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. While saving the word document, we just gotta make sure to save as .doc coz by default it saves as ODF text document, where client can’t open the word document if they are using Windows. So I’ve started to learn more about Linux OS to use it and no plans of returning to Windows 

One major problem that’s been solved for me is that I don’t have to use anti-virus anymore ,


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