Advani Meets Actor Rajinikanth in His Residence!!!

rajini1 Advani met Rajinikanth in the actor’s house in Chennai and they both had talks for nearly 45 minutes.It has been said that Advani seeked the support from Rajinikanth to his party in the Parliament elections.They both also discussed about the political issues and Rajinikanth was given some advices from the senior leader of BJP related to politics.It should be noted that in last parliament election Rajinikanth clearly supported the BJP and also voted for the ADMK candidate since there was an alliance between the two parties.Eventhough because of his support, The DMK alliance had a clean sweep with 40-0.. After all these now again Advani requested Rajinikanth to support his party in the upcoming Parliament elections.

Rajinikanth will be seriously considering this issue since in TamilNadu BJP is not a big party and most of the people here are not the followers of Hindutuva, which is the major slogan for BJP.Rajini obviously will not support BJP, since he got a worst experience before itself.

Even I’m his diehard fan, Rajinikanth should start a new party instead of supporting a party.If he is not willing to become a Chief Minister let him announce the CM candidate and make a campaign for his party and candidates.Hope Rajinikanth will not support the parties which are considered to be minnows in Tamilnadu.


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