Wipro To Recurits : Join BPO!!!


 India’s third largest software exporter Wipro is asking its latest batch of recruits from engineering colleges if they want to join its business process outsourcing (BPO) division instead of the technology services unit for which they were originally hired. 

Wipro said it is offering the option because it sees delays in the joining dates for some batches of recruits due to the ‘current business environment.’ According to sources, the students have been given the option of working in the BPO division for a year and later they could be shifted to the IT services vertical. The salary from the original offer remains unchanged. 

At the end of September, Wipro employed nearly 62,000 staff in its IT services business and about 21,000 in the BPO division. It also makes strategic sense for Wipro to recruit the new engineering graduates in the BPO unit as this vertical regularly witnesses higher attrition rates than the IT services division.

So friend kindly don’t accept this offer by Wipro. In some district of Tamil Nadu students and there parents filed a case in court and and the engineering students of that district go the joining date within one week. So, I kindly ask you all to fight for this,this your dream and you all have rigths for doing it so. Since you got this offer I hope your waiting for joining date and have not tried anything outside ,so fight for dreams.


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