Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi: Movie Review!!

Let’s start with the moral of the story which intends to give the message of accepting people as they are without expecting them to change their real self. So if you can accept the Aditya Chopra brand of surreal romance without expecting him to change his style since the last time he directed, this divine love story is certainly your cup of tea.

The basic theme is about the glorification of an underdog which is symbolized by an average common man.Melody and simplicity are once again the highlight of “Tujh mein dikhta”. Yash Raj Films usually have this one melodramatic, soulful, romantic piece in every album of theirs and ‘Tujh Mein…’ fit the bill. It has been sung by Roop Kumar Rathod.

When it comes to Shah Rukh Khan films, people will follow him off a cliff. The hype will be reason enough for most to purchase this sparkly and well designed cover layout. One song stands out, the rest in a deep slumber. Another album with hype, another disappointment! Do the producers even bother listening to their finished product before allowing it to be released in the public? Dismal performance from the CHAK DE brothers

For this movie I ll give 4/10


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