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A.R.Rahman Wins Two Oscars !!


A.R. Rahman get two Oscar award for the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

As whole this movie got 8 Oscar awards


Aamir To Remake Forrest Gump?


He is called as  “Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood” ,but he down came to do some experiments  in Bollywood industry. He made a experiment of remaking Ghajini and got a huge victory. Now “Mr. Perfectionist” again has idea of remaking a Hollywood Blockbuster Movie “Forrest Gump”.

If he does the same and finds victory all ll call him as “Man of Experiments” rather than  “Mr. Perfectionist”.We all hope for same and all of his projects in future finds a huge success.



While there have been a gamut of other scary movies made in Bollywood, Raaz -The Mystery Continues  sure seems like it will stand out as something that hasn’t been done ever before.The movie sports an all-new logo in a venomous neon green that has been designed to distinguish it as an out-and-out horror film. 

The performances by all actors as well as the director’s (Mohit Suri) skill have already started creating quite a buzz by those who have seen it. 

Now ready to be opened up to the audiences in full throttle, the movie will start sending the chills down spines with its first theatrical trailer on October 29th with FASHION. Audiences can well consider horror to be the new theme for this season!

RTMC deals with issues of the “evil within” the human psyche and how it manifests itself. It is based on the myths and superstitions that are still widely existent in the contemporary Indian society. The film attempts to challenge one’s beliefs about paranormal phenomena. It is about anticipation of fear and the fright residing within ones’ self.

Produced by Vishesh Films, after their super-successful Raaz in 2002, the next in the series is Raaz -The Mystery Continues (RTMC) which is a supernatural thriller starring Emraan Hashmi, Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman. It is directed by Mohit Suri. This is Mohit’s fifth film with the Bhatt Brothers.