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A.R.Rahman Wins Two Oscars !!


A.R. Rahman get two Oscar award for the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

As whole this movie got 8 Oscar awards


Just A Minute With: Angelica Huston on kooky roles


LOS ANGELES (Reuters Life!) – Oscar-winning actress Angelica Huston has played some kooky characters in her nearly 40-year film career.

Think Morticia Addams in 1991’s “The Addams Family,”

the steely con-artist Lilly in “The Grifters” and the matriarch of an

eccentric family in “The Royal Tenenbaums.”Her latest movie, dark comedy “Choke”, opens in the United States on Sept. 26 with Huston playing the demented mother, held in an asylum, of a sex addict son who runs a scam in which he chokes himself in restaurants to gain sympathy, and cash, from other diners.

Huston, 57, who won an Oscar for her role as the daughter of a Mafia boss in love with a hitman in “Prizzi’s Honor” (1985), talked to Reuters about her attraction to dysfunctional screen roles and how actresses over age 35 survive in youth-obsessed Hollywood. 


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